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If You Never Did You Should, Skateboarding Is Fun, & Fun Is Good.

Vintage Hoffman

Vintage Hoffman


Skateboard Completes Come With Signature Pink Helmet Posse Wheels, & Abec 5 Bearings. If you'd like to upgrade your wheels or bearings, just add the ones you want to your cart and we'll assemble the upgrades for you.

Skateboard comes with either Independent or Krux Trucks depending on what's in stock. both are high quality trucks for optimal performance.

Skateboard size is determined by child's height. Please refer below for size chart.

chid's height = skateboard size

48" or less. = 12" Wheelbase 7" Width

48"-53" = 12.5" Wheelbase 7.25" Width

53"-58" = 13" Wheelbase 7.5" Width

58"-63" = 13.5" Wheelbase 7.5" Width

If your child is right on the cusp, go to the next size up.