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If You Never Did You Should, Skateboarding Is Fun, & Fun Is Good.

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We love to skateboard. We want to make it easy and fun for girls to start skateboarding. We will be showing you videos of what we've been up to and pictures of our adventures to encourage and inspire you to go skate. We know it can be intimidating, but we’re here to show you that skateboarding is not just for boys. Come skate with us…you don’t have to have a pink helmet, but we think it looks pretty cute.
Our Mission Statement: The Pink Helmet Posse is a movement of young girls who love to skateboard. Our goal is to inspire other girls to come out and join the fun. The Pink Helmet Posse is a brand that sets girls ages 1-25 up with quality product. We found that you can find skateboards anywhere, but they don't work well, are the wrong size, and generally aren't appealing to little girls. We make quality decks in different sizes so as she grows, so does her deck. Lastly, we are a one stop shop from completes, to pads and helmets, to inspirational photos and videos.
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